The State Government has just taken another step towards consolidating a large international investment in Alagoas: the exploration of copper ore in the municipality of Craíbas, which was stalled due to difficulties faced by the former controllers of the project.

Representatives of the international fund, Appian Capital Advisory, Michael Sherb and Edward Otto, have met with the Secretaries of Economic Development and Tourism and the Executive Office – Rafael Brito and Fábio Farias – to discuss the operations of Mineração Vale Verde, located in the municipality of Craíbas. The fund is the new controller of the company.

The investment, announced at US$ 200 million, will focus on copper exports and will create 500 direct jobs, as well as 2,000 indirect ones. The mining company counts on tax incentives by Prodesin. “From now on we will work together to accelerate all procedures and licensing, so that the mining starts as soon as possible.” – says Brito.

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