“The partnership between Mineração Vale Verde and the Association is very good; we are thankful for their support. We can now participate in courses and training programs on subjects such as sustainable local development, good practices, and bird breeding, among many others. The company was of great assistance in the creation of the Association, with the development of the courses, the construction of the headquarters and the donation of the land where it was built. Through the bird breeding course, the company created the poultry project which gifted 18 members with the poultry kit, in order to supplement their family income, in addition to technical support, visits and consulting.”

President of “Together We Are Strong” Association

Marcelo Pereira

“It is very satisfying for us at RS Leases to speak about our relationship with the MVV (Mineração Vale Verde). This relationship is getting increasingly stronger since they started working here in our region. We have experienced, through the services we provide, the positive way we are treated, with courtesy, kindness and transparency. We are grateful for the opportunity to show our potential. ”

RS Locações

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