Mineração Vale Verde practices Environmental Education with the surrounding communities, thus contributing to the formation of conscious citizens who are aware of the importance of preserving existing natural resources.

We have partnerships with communities in the city of Craíbas and surrounding areas, implementing afforestation projects, and lecturing in schools and other institutions.

In 2013, the Environmental Education Center was created in Fazenda Uruçu. We welcome students from schools, community institutions, youth groups and other audiences. Schedule your group visit!

Our building has a nursery seedling production facility for the Caatinga biome, an auditorium for courses and lectures, ecological trails and projects to reintroduce species of fauna and flora endemic to the Caatinga biome under highest extinction risk.

Some project results:

  • More than 6,000 new seedlings of the Caating bione planted, represented by 38 tree species: Craibeira, Arapiraca, Braúna, Ypê, Catingueira, Pau Ferro, Barriguda and Cedar;
  • Mapping of tree matrices for seed collection and conservation;
  • Reintroduction of cactus species from the Caatinga biome;
  • Environmental education lectures in the schools of the surrounding communities and municipalities;
  • Creating ecologic trails within the Caatinga biome in the company’s reserve areas.