June 19, 2019 represents a milestone for Mineração Vale Verde (MVV) and a new stage on its trajectory. The governor’s visit coincides with the beginning of earthworks at Serrote Project. This is an important action for the company, consolidating recent initiatives that confirm Serrote Project implementation.

This new stage, started in March 2018 is marked by the commitment to local workforce hiring. Nowadays, one third of our employees come from the surrounding areas and the contractors are committed to hire, at least, 70% of local workforce.

At 150km from Alagoas capital, the Project will be able to process approximately 4Mton of ore each year, producing about 100,000 tons of copper concentrate each year.

In 2019, main equipment purchase and important services hiring represent significant advances on the Project’s implementation schedule. In March, FLSmidth hiring for grinding system providing, and in April the purchase of Metso crushing system and the hiring of earthworks company Construtora Terraço are evidences of this progress.

In June, the local Professional Training Program, in partnership with SENAI, and Craíbas and Arapiraca City Halls, was released; more than 1,300 residents from these cities applied for the 555 available vacancies of the Program.

“MVV starts its construction activities, and is honored with Governor Renan Filho’s visit. With an investment forecasted of over R$700 million, forecast of 1,200 jobs creation during construction peak at 2020, Serrote Project offers opportunities and contributes to Agreste Alagoano development, placing the region in Brazil’s sustainable mining map. Alagoas deserves our best.” says Tony Lima, MVV’s general manager.