Plant Manager


Luiz Lima has a post-graduate degree in Mineral Technology from the Federal University of Pará, graduated in Information Technology from the Federal Center for Technological Education of Pará, having started his professional career as a Mining Technician with training from the Technical College of the José Carvalho Foundation, in Bahia. Lima has over 37 years of experience in Offshore (5), Metallurgy (7) and Mining (28) operations. He joined Mineração Vale Verde in January 2020, bringing with him more than 28 years of experience in gold processing and production operations, of which 6 years worked in Honduras, Central America. In addition to knowledge in gold, Lima has more than 7 years of experience in beneficiation and production of copper cathode, with international experience in copper mines in Chile, to acquire know-how in the areas of Leaching, Solvent Extraction and Electrolysis, in addition to experience in project implementation and team building for the operation and maintenance of copper and gold production plants. As a motivator and manager of people, through teamwork, Lima finds it easy to relate harmoniously with other area managers, focusing on safety, productivity, professional development and employee well-being, maintaining a healthy work environment and seeking continuous improvement through the implementation and consolidation of corporate programs.