We are a company that belongs to the British investment advisor Appian Capital Advisory; our main goal is to implement Serrote Project in Craíbas municipality, in Agreste Alagoano, next to the border of Arapiraca municipality. Mineração Vale Verde is present in the region since 2007.

Since then, over R$200 million were invested, and the forecasted investment for Serrote Project implementation is over R$700 million. At the implementation apex, in 2020, the creation of 1,200 direct jobs considering MVV and contractor’s employees is forecasted.

In operation stage, 500 direct jobs are forecasted. With the Installation License issued by Environment Institute of Alagoas (IMA/AL) in 2017 – and extended in October 2019 until 2021 – Serrote Project remains strong.


Mineração Vale Verde acts with respect and integrity with its internal and external publics. Our priority is to drive our activities with responsibility, while meeting our values:


→ First, and always, the right and the obligation to go back home safe and sound;


→ We build trust by being honest and disciplined; we meet the rules and ethical principles, and we deliver our promises promptly;

→ We are relevant, reliable and open in how we communicate;


→ We share the commitment of keeping our operations safe, making the business succeed, and helping each other develop;

→ We effectively balance our technical, financial and operational expertise with the whole Appian group in order to enhance our performance;


→ We learn and continuously improve the way we add value to our team, to our business, and to our communities;

→ We pay attention to details and pursue excellence in order to be the best in our industry and to promote environment compatible and safe practices;


→ We have a vision of the future and we are responsive, skilled, and innovators in how we implement operational improvements;

→ We are diligent and insightful about our operations to ensure we are as safe and efficient as possible.


Promote human and technological development through responsible and ethical natural resources mining, adding value to our clients and shareholders.


Be the first basic metals mine operating in the state of Alagoas, acting in a recognized efficient manner nationally.