Mineração Vale Verde has a commitment to the development of the territory where it operates, fostering, through strategic partnerships with institutions operating in these territories, the improvement of the quality of life of the residents of these localities through initiatives for the qualification of the workforce. , support for education, health, leisure, social inclusion and job and income generation, among others.




Our facility houses 200 plant seedlings, the objective is to introduce the community to an income alternative using little water.



Promoting technical assistance and experimental practices performances with local farmers.



Melipona quadrifasciata (stingless) bees’ reproduction has the objective of pollination of legal reserve areas, and we also aim to train local farmers.



The production of 40 native trees and bushes species gives preference to individuals of the semiarid (Caatinga) biome. A lot of these seedlings are used on revegetation of permanent preservation areas and legal reserves. Between 2009 and 2018 about 40 thousand seedlings were produced to meet MVV’s demands and to meet environment educational projects promoted in the surrounding cities. The seedling nursery full capacity is of 84 thousand seedlings a year.



In order to keep its social license to operate through an open and structured relationship with the communities that compose Serrote Project direct areas of influence located near the company, we held regular meetings addressing resident’s interest subjects, MVV projects and actions, including main positive and negative impacts of the Project implementation.

At the end of each meeting, the residents evaluate its effectiveness and legitimize, in a symbolic way, through secret voting, the Project development continuity. Until October 2019, after ten meetings, the average of positive evaluations were 93.3%; “terrible”, “bad” and “fair” votes are discarded (only the “good” and “excellent” ratings are considered on a five-point Linkert scale).



To keep our commitment of prioritizing local workforce hiring, in such a way that our positions are filled by Agreste Alagoano – the region where we are – residents, we have developed MVV Professional Training Program. In partnership with SENAI, and Arapiraca and Craíbas City Halls, we offered carpentry, mechanical, welding, electrician, among other courses for over 550 people in order to train qualified workforce to meet the mine, its contractors, and other companies in Alagoas demands. 

Although joining the Program does not guarantee a job placement, these people have a competitive differentiator in their CVs in selection processes at MVV and in other companies as their training certificate is nationally recognized. In the specific case of the mine, around 70% of contractors workers at Serrote Project by the end of August 2019 came from Alagoas, 56% of these people came from Arapiraca and Craíbas municipalities. According to Human Resources guidelines, MVV is committed to hire and promote among contractors, a minimum of 70% of local employees.

IMPORTANT: Although people who took these courses have a competitive differentiator in their CV’s, and a database with their information is shared among all companies that work at Serrote Project, joining MVV Professional Training Program is not a requirement to apply for the company selection process.



 In addition to promoting the region socioeconomic development, a partnership between Mineração Vale Verde and LOG Estratégica enables service improvement for providers that have a contract with the company, expanding local goods and services quality necessary to Serrote Project implementation. The 50 companies selected among more than 220 that had applied for the Program operate in areas that range from uniforms and food to air conditioner maintenance and carwash, among others. 

Although joining the Program does not guarantee providing for Mineração Vale Verde or its partner LOG Estratégica – as this decision depends, among other things, on commercial issues, etc. – the Program contributes to the companies’ growth and prepares their representatives for the market as a whole, as the MVV initiative offers access to specific knowledge.

IMPORTANT: Although companies that joined MVV Providers Development Program have a stake in the initiative, this is not a requirement to become business partners with Mineração Vale Verde. Providers definition and hiring is being performed according to Serrote Project schedule, but there are always opportunities. A company that’s interested in being part of MVV database can send its information at any time to Contact Us, number (82) 98189-6016.